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Though the families associated with this page have many issues with the manner they have been treated by authorities within our Justice system, we are not anti establishment but we are about progessive change. This is not about creating a site to complain about those actions but a call to action to change a system that has failed to update itself to the benefit of the citizens.

This is about recognising one of the many ways in which our Justice system can be modified to deliver a greater social Justice commensurate with the expectations of a progressive 21st Century nation. Our initial demand is about changing the Law to ensure disclosure of the full investigation findings in suspicious deaths when a cause other than foul play has been assigned and beyond this we would like to see all families having the right to public disclosure regardles of cause of death.

Benefits of the Law Changes Demanded

  • Accountability

    By an assurance of public scrutiny, there will be greater accountability when deciding cause of death.

  • Human Decency

    This will ensure that those that have lost their lives are fully supported and defended with the final human decency that society can afford them.

  • Closure

    Finally we can have a full accordance of Human Rights under Article 2 and give a number of families a greater opportunity to get effective closure.



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